About Us

About Us

Vision Statement

Bringing smiles to ill children

Mission Statement

To bring the magic of smiles gifts and play to sick children


Magical Smiles was set up in 2008 to make Eid special for sick children. Eid is a festival celebrated by Muslims to represent the end of Ramadan. We felt that kind and generous acts provided through our project would help educate and inform other communities of the positive side of Islam.


Aims and Objectives

  • Magical Smiles strives to relieve the pain of sick children affected by illness, accident, manmade or natural disasters. Distraction in form of gifts and play can relieve suffering in all its diverse forms. Children forget about their difficult circumstances by losing themselves in play, fun and laughter.
  • Magical Smiles believes in bringing communities together. Our organisation is for everyone, regardless of their nationality, cultural background or religion. Children are close to everybody’s heart; they are the ones who suffer the most. Engaging with different communities celebrates harmony and helps the effort to make all ill and suffering children smile. Supporting the families of these children shows compassion and empathy, which can potentially improve the emotional state of the child itself. It is important to be culturally, religiously, environmentally and psychologically sensitive to children's needs as well as those of their families.
  • Magical Smiles wishes to raise awareness of the pain that children experience both in Britain and abroad, whether it is caused by severe illness or disasters. We aim to bring joy to children affected by issues including physical and mental illness, disability, poverty, domestic abuse, natural disasters, war and conflict.
  • Magical Smiles aims to demonstrate that a simple gesture of kindness, such as a small gift, a donation, or a few moments in play, can make all the difference to an ill or distressed child, regardless of whether it comes from a single individual, family or an entire community.
  • Magical Smiles wants to present all communities with the opportunity to give during festive seasons, connecting the tradition of the holiday with a worthy and beautiful cause.



Why is Play important?

Hospital environment can be distressing for children and their families.

Play is vital part of a child’s life.

It plays a major part in their development and physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills.


Play can...

Create a fun environment

Provide an outlet for feelings such as anger and frustration

Help children gain self-confidence

Documentary: The Importance of Play