Become a Smiler

Become a SMILER


1) You can: Join the Smiler Team

Becoming a Smiler means becoming part of the Magical Smiles family. We take care of sick children and we take care of each other. Your help as a volunteer is vital - you will help us achieve our goal to bring joy to the children. All the work we do would not be possible without you.

More toys + more hours of play = more smiles + more happy children

We work with a number of hospitals all over Scotland and the volunteering opportunities are endless. You can experience the joy Magical Smiles bring to sick children first hand and contribute to their well-being. We will ensure to provide the most suitable volunteering position according to your needs and abilities.

  • PR and Fundraising events: If you like working in a team of enthusiastic people and have a penchant for fabulous occasions, you can help us plan and organise events. Get involved with entertainment for children or focus on serious fundraising events, promoting the ceaseless work of Magical Smiles.
  • Schools: Magical Smiles are putting together a team of people who love working with kids and are passionate about educating the newest generation. In schools, you will prepare interactive workshops and assemblies on relief and development. We will provide all the training and resources, but it will be up to you to get the children interested and excited about charity work and helping others. You will also be encouraged to organise events (such as bake-sales and sports days) and inter-school competitions!
  • Shop: Helping out in one of our shops can be a great way to gain some work experience and skills. Our customers come to the shop not only to buy bits and bobs, but also for good company and a friendly chat - you will never be bored!
  • Research and Training: Magical Smiles are always on the lookout for charity enthusiasts with great leadership skills. As a member of the Research and Training team, you will be able to gain more experience in management, public speaking and organisation by leading and training new Smilers!
  • Admin: The success of our organisation comes from being organised! Volunteering as an admin can give you a fantastic set of transferable skills such as effectiveness and efficiency. You will learn about the inner workings and management of a non-governmental institution and the third sector. Magical Smiles undertake a variety of projects so you will always have something new to explore.
  • Marketing: As a marketing volunteer, you will help us develop and coordinate strategies to promote the work and campaigns of Magical Smiles and to spread the joy that play and toys bring to sick children. Are you well versed in the language of hashtags, tags and taglines? Marketing includes management of social media platforms, but also creative advertising.
  • Photography, Film, Writing: Do you have a creative streak? Whether your passion is photography, filmmaking or penning down witty lines, your talents will be put to good use. We need your artistry to cover all our glamorous fundraisers, dinners, fashion shows and hospital visits. You can combine your passion with ours and help us commemorate and chronicle our success!

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to boost up your CV or just make new friends! You don’t need to spend money, just spend a little time with Magical Smiles.

2) You can: Become a Fundraiser

Our fundraisers are creative and original, coming up with new and fun ways to raise money for a great cause. From bake sales to 10k runs, you can also promote Magical Smiles and aid in our efforts to provide comfort to sick children. Play on your strengths: if you’re sporty and love the outdoors, organise a hiking event; if you prefer to show your creative side, organise an exhibition or a concert. If you have an idea for a fundraising activity you’d enjoy, we will provide you with all the advice and support to realise your plan. Just get in touch and find out how to pick yourself the best challenge and raise money at the same time!

3) You can: Raise awareness

You don’t need a degree in marketing to promote Magical Smiles! Raising awareness is simple – just talk to your friends and family, follow Magical Smiles on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and share our material. The more people know about the outstanding work our organisation does, the more presents, games and joy we can bring to all the sick children. Let’s reach everyone with a smile!

4) You can: Sponsor an Event

If you are a business looking to get involved in locally-based charity work, you need not look further! Magical smiles will welcome any help and support in areas including marketing, administration, promotion, events planning and management. Get involved and boost your status in the local community.


Volunteer Registration

Don't worry if you don't have any work experience yet, we provide training to our volunteers and support them every step of the way

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Please supply the names and addresses of two people (not relatives) who know you well. You can list for example your previous or current employer, neighbour or teacher.